Monday, 21 July 2014

Join Rsgoldbank Runescape 3 Story Competition! Win Free Eoc and 07 RS Gold

To input all our unwavering Fackbook fans,#jyu06020u add more delight and amusing to your Runescape amusement appreciate for summer, and additionally welcome the approaching Runescape 3, Rsgoldbank is dispatching a Rs3 short story rivalry! Compose your own particular anecdote about Runescape 3, submit it to Rsgoldbank Facebook Event, you will get an opportunity to win a lot of free 2007 and runescape 3 gold! Thus, join now, make your short story as alluring as could be expected under the circumstances to snatch the eyes and hearts of the Rsgoldbank group!

Join Rsgoldbank Runescape 3 Story Competition!

1. Course of events: twentieth June, 2013 00:00 GMT - nineteenth July, 2013 23:59 GMT

2. To join, simply keep in touch with you claim Runescape 3 short story and submit your story before fifteenth July, 23:59 GMT to our Facebook Event

3. The story might be about your own particular presumptions and points of view about Runescape 3, the issues you experienced or recommendations you would love to bring out amid the Rs3 beta, or your elite perspective for rs gold. This ought to be a short story, however must be more than 200 words. To repeat, on the off chance that you need to join, recall to submit your story by fifteenth July!

What Prizes would I be able to Get from the Competition?

After all stories are gotten on fifteenth July, the Rsgoldbank group will choose our main 5 most loved stories, and put them on the Facebook Event for the facebook fans to vote! The voting will end on nineteenth July, 23:59 GMT, and the story that gets the most votes will be the victor!

The first place will get 50m Eoc gold or 5000k 2007 rs gold.

The second will get 20m eoc gold or 2000k 2007 rs gold.

3 runners-up will be remunerated 10m eoc gold or 1000k 2007 rs gold each.

For different participators whose stories meet our foundation, we will offer $1 free gold voucher.

Hustle just a bit to join our rival, make your mid year RS gaming additionally fascinating, also, a lot of free 2007scape gold and Eoc gold is holding up for gets!

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